Carly Gurel


Carly Gurel is a Boulder transplant from small-town Arkansas, where serving the community is key.  She brings that southern charm and local passion to the Boulder County area where she has worked in real estate since 2012.

An expert in the student investment market, she has experience running the sales and leasing department of a property management company that is responsible for over 1500 rentals. She has negotiated and closed more than 3000 leasing transactions and during her time as head of the department the portfolio grew by 300% and the average rental rate growth was 10% per year due to her extensive online marketing skills. She would love nothing more than to advocate for you when selling or buying a home, an investment property, or even simply answering your questions about navigating the real estate options in and around Boulder.

Carly goes the extra mile to educate and communicate with her clients and has the same passion whether they are buying their first home or fifth apartment complex. With excellent service to her customers and sharp negotiating skills, her focus is being an honest and trustworthy ally that serves your best interests to assure a smooth transaction. From hunting to offer, contract to closing, Carly’s hard work and analytical attention to detail will enable you to make the best and most informed decisions, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Not tied to a weekday 9 to 5 routine, Carly knows real estate requires a professional to be there nights and weekends and is always available by phone or text.  When she does get a spare moment, she enjoys taking advantage of all that the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer: she loves camping, fishing, hiking, and off-roading and is always looking for the next adventure!  Involved in her community, Carly enhances her social and professional network by attending seminars and classes, participating in charity work and farmer's markets, and loves meeting the amazing people of Boulder!


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